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These photographs from our projects illustrate our systems approach in which many components are integrated in order to meet a customer's site-specific needs and individual requirements. 

The projects fall into the following general categories:

  • Above Ground Tank Farms
  • Underground Tank Farms
  • Indoor Tank Farms
  • Pumping Stations
  • Refueling Sites
  • Control Equipment
  • Custom Packages
  • Above Ground Tank Farms

    Above ground solvent tank farm built for Fortune 500 adhesive company.

    Bulk oils and solvent tank farms.

    Heated and insulated asphalt and roof coating tanks.

    Example of piping options.

    Solvent farm with unloading containment.

    Underground Tank Farms

    Underground chemical tanks with above ground piping.

    Fiberglass jacketed double-wall underground storage tanks storing fuels and lubrication oils for automotive assembly facility.

    Underground double-wall lined chemical waste tanks.

    Indoor Tank Rooms

    Bulk resin storage tanks at a major paint manufacturing facility.

    Bulk mixing and storage vessels for the paint manufacturing industry.

    An example of Collins Equipment's capabilities in addressing property constraints.  Tanks installed in a vertical configuration utilizing a specially designed and fireproofed structural support system.  This site was later enclosed and the room heated to take advantage of gravity dispensing of the viscous liquids.

    Pump Stations

    Top loading facility for bulk lubricants and fuels including vapor recovery equipment.

    Unloading facility at bulk solvent storage.

    Pump station for hydraulic and lubricating oil for major automotive manufacturing facility.

    Indoor pump station for hydraulic and lubricating oil for major automotive manufacturing facility.

    Refueling Sites

    Example of a municipal refueling site with aboveground U.L. 2085 fire rated tanks.

    Control Equipment

    An alarm status panel for High level alarms on bulk tank farm.

    Annunciator panel for roof coating manufacturing facility.  The panel indicates high and low level and high and low temperature in bulk tanks as well as all of the piping.

    An example of an unloading station located in a hazardous area.  Note spill prevention fill boxes.

    Custom Packages

    Custom designed reel rack to service six products. Bottom reels are for accepting deliveries into bulk totes. Top reels are for dispensing into lube carts to service the plant. Card Reader Fuel Management System allows for proper inventory tracking and accurate invoicing to separate departments

    Air operated diaphragm pump mounted on a mobile base for evacuation of water from dikes, pits, totes, etc.